Paper #16

Paper #16

Semantically Correct and Intent Defined Co­mmuta­ti­vity in Distributed Systems

Courtney Robinson

Department of Computing & Information Systems, University of Greenwich, London, UK

Abstract: This paper reviews the problem of correctness in the context of scaleable distributed systems. It takes the concept of a strongly eventually consistent (SEC) data structure based on the work done on conflict free replicated data types and examines the theoretical basis of a practical application to generalised database management systems.
It reasons that the condition required for a database management system to implement a monotonic semilattice and remain generic is not possible. It further proposes a framework which extends the SEC condition to capture enough information to make such a system practical to implement. Finally, it evaluates such an implementation using a modified storage engine for Apache Ignite demonstrating not just its practicality but its scaleability in Ignite and other database management systems like it.
The key contributions of this work is Semantic Intent Commutativity, SIC, a language and framework for distributed computing.

Keywords: Big data, Database management systems, Conflict free replicated data types, Semantically and intent defined commutativity, CRDT, SID, SICL, category theory