Paper #8

Paper #8

Experimental results regarding the workload of many-core mobile devices

Matthieu Pilaudeau 1 and Dan Grigoras 2

1 EFREI Paris, France
matthieu.pilaudeau @ efrei net
2University College Cork Cork, Ireland
grigoras @ cs ucc ie

Abstract: Smartphones and other mobile devices can run more complex tasks than they used to do, but the main issue of mobile devices remains: resources are limited, and phones, for example, cannot use a massive amount of energy to solve demanding problems. One solution is the many-core architecture. Instead of relying on a single CPU to perform its tasks, the phone uses two, four or even eight cores that can execute parallel computations. This type of architecture requires efficient energy management and load balancing among its cores. Each mobile phone producer uses its own policy to balance the execution and save energy. In this paper, experimental results of three applications executed on multiple phones are presented and analysed to determine what would be a good solution to save energy while achieving good performances.

Keywords:many-core, workload, CPU, scheduling, load balancing, Big.LITTLE